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Citizenship Applications

We offer a comprehensive service to assist with Citizenship applications. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in the process and has been assisting clients with their Citizenship applications for over 10 years. We are proud to offer the highest level of expertise in the industry and a successful outcome.

Canadian Flag

Canadian Citizenship can be achieved in many ways:

  • By birth: Any person born in Canada (exceptions do apply).

  • By Descent: Any person born outside Canada to a Canadian parent (restrictions do apply).

  • Grant of citizenship: E.g. Permanent Resident of Canada (‘naturalization’), former citizens, etc. – conditions have to be satisfied.

  • Resumption: Resume one’s citizenship after it has ceased or dissolved.

  • Retention: This means someone has a right to Canadian citizenship, but must take certain actions to retain the right.

Each of the above categories has specific requirements, exceptions and restrictions. Citizenship legislation in Canada has a history of changes, that must be kept in mind in many of the cases.


The most common category, however is Naturalization – the process of applying for Canadian Citizenship by a Permanent Resident of Canada. Among other conditions, residency requirement is the main factor.


The current law requires that a Permanent Resident can apply for citizenship on completion of 3 years (1095 days) residence in Canada in a 5 year period. Though the concept is fairly straightforward, complications do creep in.


Instances include short overseas trips (2-4 weeks duration), one person working abroad while family is in Canada, family staying abroad while one person is working abroad – for these and such other questions, please consult us.

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