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Consultation Packages

GIIS provides comprehensive immigration consulting services to help clients settle in their dream countries. With two packages to choose from, the Full Service Package and Limited Assistance Package, clients can access the skills and capabilities of the highly experienced GIIS team, and maximize their chances of a successful application.

Full Service Package

This is an All-inclusive package of services which provides comprehensive consultation and assistance to clients. Clients can rest assured that their immigration application is being completely handled by professionals, and they need not stress themselves unnecessarily.

Starting from the assessment stage, to preparation of immigration strategy, to advice on the type of documentation, to review of provided documents and advice thereon, to the compilation of documents and completion of your immigration application, to preparing legal arguments to support the submission, to submission and follow-ups, not to mention your wide-ranging queries, the services are so numerous that it is not possible to list them all. An indicative list is being attempted here:

  • Initial assessment

  • Point out shortcomings, if any

  • Advice on methods to overcome the shortcomings

  • Consultation and responses to client enquiries related to the application

  • Detailed assessment of client’s profile and history

  • Complete individualized Immigration strategy

  • Advice on documents to be collected

  • Review of provided documents

  • Advice on documents’ acceptability and revisions, if any

  • File preparation, including forms completion and compilation of documents

  • Review of completed file, before submission

  • Ongoing counselling

  • Request Immigration records from time to time

  • Interpret and provide update to client

  • Updates and timely advice on processing aspects

  • Continued representation with immigration department

  • Post-landing Counselling & Assistance

In short, by opting for the Full Service package, the client utilizes the capabilities of the GIIS team to the fullest potential, and maximizes the success possibilities of their application.

Limited Assistance Package

When you have completed all the forms, but need limited assistance on your application.

Fact – Once an application is filed with the Immigration department, it is extremely difficult or impossible to change the information submitted. One small error can lead to delays and possible rejection of your (otherwise complete) immigration application.

GIIS provides limited assistance for such applicants at a low cost.

We offer 2 types of Limited Assistance packages:

  • Consultation (telephone, emails, personal meeting, etc.)

  • Opinion on ready Application – a review of your forms

For a low one-time payment of fee, you can rest assured that you are doing everything right the first time!

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