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Regular P.R. Card Renewal

A Permanent Resident Card (PR card) is a document issued by the Government of Canada that proves your status as a permanent resident of Canada. The P.R. card is typically valid for five years, and it is important to renew it before it expires to maintain your status as a permanent resident.


To renew your P.R. card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a permanent resident of Canada

  • Be physically present in Canada at the time of your PR card application

  • Have met the residency requirements for permanent residency in Canada (i.e., have lived in Canada for at least 730 days in the past five years)

  • Not be the subject of an immigration investigation, an appeal or removal order, or a declaration or inadmissibility

To renew your PR card, you will need to provide supporting documents. The supporting documents may include proof of your identity, proof of your permanent resident status, and proof that you have met the residency requirements.

The processing time for a PR card renewal application can vary depending on the volume of applications and the completeness of your application. It is recommended to submit your application at least six months before your current PR card expires.

If your PR card has already expired, you can still apply for a renewal. However, you will need to provide additional documentation to explain why you did not renew your card before it expired.


It's important to maintain your status as a permanent resident of Canada by ensuring that your PR card is always up-to-date. Failing to renew your PR card on time or losing your PR card can result in difficulties when traveling outside Canada or when accessing government services.

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